The more likely she is to pass on her genes

Sep 30

I had only just read a book that described the efforts of people who strove to find the origins of the rivers Ganges, Brahmaputra and Indus (A mountain in Tibet by Charles Allen) and then chanced to read your superbly written article and pictures that said it all. Reading the article and seeing your fascinating pictures, I too journeyd with you down the Ganges. Many many thanks for such a spiritual experience.

If they do not get killed, and do not have the knowledge to get out, they exist there until the planet exists, which is quite a while. Not that there is anything wrong with it. We have all the time in the Universe (1e22 years approximately) to evolve and reach the Source of Consciousness.

You gain because the more efficient your blog runs means your readers will keep coming back. More return readers will also mean more social sharing opportunities. In addition Google has stated that speed of website loading will impact page rankings.

While waiting, get the base of your box and one of the sides (long ones) lined up and ready to go. Take your hot glue gun, and quickly (to avoid drying) apply a line of hot glue to the bottom of the FACE of the side piece (not the bottom!). Stick it to the appropriate side of the base piece, and hold it in place in a right angle.

We did one 3/2 filled with junk from floor to ceiling. There was some great mid century collectibles in there and he started setting them aside. Unfortunately for him, he had brought his wife along on this job (4 people, 2 full days, 6 trips to the dump).

While I won’t jump ahead to additional thoughts this morning, I do want to let everyone know we feel we’re well positioned for the future regardless of the macroeconomic environment. I know many would be asking what our expectations for sales growth will be for the fourth quarter, and can we continue with our recent same store sales results. While the macroeconomic indicators continue to be challenging, a net positive for industry growth trends, we’re planning for a more conservative growth rate for the remainder of the year..