How can Jagex Fix Slayer Expansion to Be More Potential in OSRS?

Jun 05

Since the introduction of slayer expansion, there are lots of players claiming that slayer expansion makes slayer skills be pointless and asking Jagex to fix it. Do you think it is possible to rework slayer as players wish? Well, it isn’t confirmed, but we can stock cheap rs 2007 gold to expect for some improvements since Jagex is collecting feedback now! Contents of slayer expansion As the Dev Blog on May 15 shows, during that expansion, players would simply receive a slayer assignment of ‘kill x bosses’, rather than being set a task for a specific boss. Besides, players would be able to kill any boss that you would like. In addition, tasks of bosses will be available from Nieve and Duradel and as the experience rates at bosses will not be so great, players will be rewarded with an additional 5,000 slayer experience upon completing a boss task. Suggestions to improve rs slayer Different from slayer partner, slayer expansion seems to be larger work. As it stands currently, players will get a task to kill any boss, which would remove interesting aspect since it is no need to figure out a method of completing the task. Thus, it is regarded to defeat the purpose of how the slayer skill is supposed to work. So how can we fix slayer to be better? There are a few ways to fix this according to some players’ suggestion: 1. There could be an entire slayer master dedicated to boss slayer, limiting the amount of tasks that one can get per day, or just allowing killing the specific boss. Thus, tasks could be incredibly rare because it is only one task. 2. Also only a boss slayer master as above, but only when Duradel and Nieve tell you to get the assignment from boss slayer master, you can get one from him (the boss slayer master assigns you a specific boss task). It is likely that he could summon you if he deems you ready, using his lesser slayer masters as messengers. 3. Boss slayer should not be any boss but instead be subdivided into groups like GWD Bosses, Wilderness Bosses, Original Slayer bosses, etc. And Corp beast and Zul’rah shouldn’t be...

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