Update: Skyforge ‘S PANTHEON war is huge global PVE / PVP BATTLES

Sep 16

Arthas wasn’t really supposed to be here. But when he had no lessons, he often sneaked away to the Balnir farmstead to admire the horses Balnir was known for breeding and to play with his friend Jarim. Both youths were well aware that a horsebreeder’s son, even one whose animals were regularly bought as mounts for the royal household, was not a “proper” companion for a prince. Neither cared much, and thus far none of the adults had put a halt to the friendship. And so it was that he had been here, building forts, throwing snowballs, and playing Guards and Bandits with Jarim, when Jorum had called to the boys to come watch the miracle of birth. In Skyforge team has launched a bunch on its high-end content, Pantheon war, content equivalent Guild and the Association of the game it is sure to get new information about people competing blood flowing. But also the blood of their enemies. From, you know, multiple stab wounds, caused them. Pantheon (guild) will be used to control the mixing celestial temple combat PVE and PVP content, and participate in various types of 50 players. 50 PVE players will be divided into five groups of 10 to take the attack as a temple of any attack or defender, but 50 PvP players will be divided into three groups, participated in the capture and hold 15v15, 10v10 Capture the Flag, or King of the Hill 25v25 match . Reward is extensive, unique, from automotive, apparel, and upgrade bonuses Atlas, they will change with each new season. Here’s the trap: You can tell by the last paragraph numbers, only the large Pantheon Pantheon will be able to participate in the war; the Pantheon would need at least 100 players who have opened their form of God. I’m not entirely sure, if you need all the 100 players once, although one of the developers, said: “All the events take place in parallel” – do you think the assembly of 40 people attacked a nightmare! One even if it is not so, it still requires coordination and planning significant point, the kind where you can quickly display or unprepared some non-players, you will get in any group...

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