The Development Direction of wildstar

Apr 11

  Starting in 2005, WOW has been going on ten years. From the original version in we can see the ancient god Titan anywhere, and then to the demons of Burning Legion, and later to the wrath of the lich king, we have experienced a lot. Including the catastrophe, panda puzzle, now we return to Draenor again. Blizzard has numerous racking its brain to accord with the history of WOW, including wow plots, stories, dungeons, professional even races and so on. For we have experienced many BOSSES, now we can make a bold prediction for the future development direction of wildstar gold. First, we’d like to talk about Titan. He is the creator of Azeroth who has a good chance to appear in the future version. According to the previous contents, Titan is generally as the final BOSS, such as the observer of Ulduar, Algalon and the Laydon. In addition, we know that the dark Titan, Sageras has been as the ultimate BOSS of Burning Legion all the time. But he has not been seen in WOW. So it is very likely coming up suddenly. There are four ancient gods in WOW. As so far, we has met two ancient gods, respectively are the beast of thousands eyes, C’Thun and the beast of thousands throats, YoggSaron. In the future version, it is very likely to be the third ancient god, Nezas. According to the relevant materials and documents, the background of this ancient god is likely to be in the deep sea, even has relationship with Azshara or Emerald...

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