D&D and Death Improvements

Jun 28

  Distractions and Diversions are short, fun activities meant to supply you with a break from skill training, and will be offering some unique rewards. The Ninjas make lots of tweaks and fixes to D&Ds recently, so take a look over the list below: Bork Put into the D&D tracker. Drop improvements – previously unlocked with Varrock armour 4 – are gone to live in Varrock armour 3. Varrock armour 4 now provides a daily teleport to Bork. Champion’s Challenge XP and stats have been buffed. The fights may be repeated weekly for an XP reward. Losing a fight no longer locks the ball player out from the fight – so there’s no have to get a brand new scroll. Added to the D&D tracker. Could be now be designed in EoC or Legacy. There’s a new title – ‘Champion of Champions’ – for defeating all 15 champions. The deposit box is actually a bank chest. Scrolls is now able to fed to some baby troll. The lesser demon fight have been tweaked. Court Cases Now always rewards a mystery box. Mystery box rewards are actually made more worthwhile. The XP reward have been changed into a combat XP lamp – Prayer and Summoning included. A fresh title can be found for those who have completed all cases: ‘The Detective’. It is no longer needed to complete the tutorial to get started on receiving...

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