New Factions of patch 6.2

Jun 17

  Let’s see what’s in store for us in patch 6.2 regarding factions and reputations. Believe it or not, I’m still trying to keep the Reputation Calculator up to date even if the factions are not something people really care about anymore, but from some achievement hunters or reputation lovers the factions is something intriguing from time to time. Tanaan Jungle will have four new factions: Hand of the Prophet (Alliance only) and Vol’jin’s Headhunters (Horde only) – Most of their reputation will come from the daily quests. As the rewards you’ll get a tabard, pets, mounts, toys, ship blueprints, a new follower, and a new battle standard. The unique item and the most useful one is the agreement with Arakkoa Outcasts. This BoP item will allow you to increase your Garrison resource cache to 1000, up from 500, and it costs only 2.500 gold. The Saberstalkers – The quartermaster is north of Fang’rila and he will sell a couple of items for a new currency, the Blackfang Claws. You can farm reputation and claws from the saberons around that area. You’ll get about 25 reputation per kill and a couple of claws. As their rewards, you’ll get a boar mount, a pet, a follower, and some totems you can use to challenge some special mobs around that area. Those mobs might give you some reputation as well. They also sell a BoP item that will increase the mount speed by 15% in Tanaan Jungle. The Order of the Awakened – Reputation will come from repeatable quests (these quests are really rare these days) that will ask you to find the treasures and the rare mobs located in Tanaan Jungle. The quests will also reward you with Apexis Crystals. They also sell the tokens for the 650 items that will help you gear up your alts and catch up with the gear in WoD. You can purchase a 650 iLvl gear token for 5000 Apexis Crystals and a 650 iLvl weapon for 10.000 Apexis Crystals. For 20.000 Crystals you can upgrade each of those items to iLvl 695. Another vendor will sell you the usual rewards: the tabard, a pet, a follower, ships for your shipyard, and a mount...

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the story of wow that you do not know

Apr 22

The Vanity naturally have the tendency to gobble up everything, because it is the power of ‘Nothing’. The creatures of Vanity have endless hunger, no matter what to fill it. What’s more, they devour each other, even between the Vanity Lord, just like Mr Dimon, what made him so powerful,even could devour the host star of Vanity is because he used to devoured a large quntities of Vaniy Lords. Entropius is the avatar of Vanity produced when the Dark Naru absorbs energy. The Vanity Lord is ‘a conscious moving Vanity’. In a sense, Entropius is the ultimate verssion of Vanity Lord. The Dark Naru is like Naru in appearance, what the differences is that the Dark Naru’s body is Dark and send out a kind of darkness and vanity.(you can see it in the Animation plot-Whalen save Carla). As for Entopius, we had met it at the Sunwell. Etropius can produce Vanity Lords. And Etropius is often higher than Vanity in intelligence.( the later one almost has no intelligence), but the consciousness of Naru and Etropius is not the same one. When Naru become Dark Naru, its original state of consciousness will fall into sleep and the consciousness of Etropius is separated from it. The another point is that even if Naru lose all energy into darkness form, he won’t produce Etropius. When Delaney came to Draenor,WOW Gold just had one spacecraft named Genesis which is the holy mountain the Orc talking about. When passed Delanor, Wu lei, Germany and Delano was in Genesis. Delaney heard of Adaer during the journey.(because he is the leader of Naru). But in the time of WoD,they had not met with Ada and the troop of Naru. Regarding to the plot that Carderja called Shatth which already had known by us in the time of Burning Legion. Carderja found the new threat. So Fugue found new allies. He found the troop of Naru in the Start. So he asked Ada for help. Noted that the fort (including Esso Da) had no relationship 30 years ago. It falled in Draenor twenty-five thousand years ago, Delaney took Genesis also called Sue. Until the Outland exposed, Carderjia called Shattrath. For this reason that the Tempest came...

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