TRION WORLDS is promoting ancient Century “server evolution”

Sep 16

The boy, fragile and slight, had been knocked out of his chair by the violent gusts of frigid air. Now he propped himself up with an effort, shaking, his breaths coming in small puffs as he struggled to climb back into his chair. He threw the man a look—of hope, fear, and odd determination.

It is not uncommon at all to see your favorite online game, no matter how popular, to take measures to bring players closer with the game’s age. Most of the time, this process usually includes the dreaded “server consolidation.” While this applies to many games out there, even if it led to cries of “game is dying,” what exactly do you accomplish this feat, the grabbing of land for each Such a network server is an integral part of the game? ArcheAge is currently testing options to accomplish this so-called “server evolution” with them for their free play MMORPG.

What is the “server evolution?” Ah, simply put, it is a few low population server consolidation, but rather to merge them into an existing server, all players in the low population servers will be consolidated into one , the new server. This means that the land RUSH !!!!!

Yes, you read that right. Whether NA and EU will experience this process, but now only about NA announced details of evolution. Although not final, is considered to be evolutionary NA server list-based low population include ENLA, EZI, Calleil, Inoch, and Lucius. Does not consider server is currently Aranzeb, Mannie Lao, OLLO, Naima and Salphira.

On the affected server all players will be placed on the new server does not have them right before the previous owner of the land or housing requirements. All the land will become a competition. Although community relations Trion World “director pointed out that this” means that the server may not have annoying evolution of the landed aristocracy and slumlords get all the real estate under lock and key, “This also means that the player who owns the land, now have it taken away in the process. Needless to say, this is not sitting well with the players in the forum.

There is still plenty of time before this (between now and the end of this year plans) as Tirion world works out guild, limit each server role, as well as details of other technical issues that may arise, but one thing is for sure , Tirion world seems to love a good land grab!