How to tame a Fel Wolf in Tanaan Jungle

Aug 26

I hope you like wolves, because we’ve got another one for you to tame.

Big congratulations to Qraljar on the Petopia forums for winning the contest to be first to discover how to tame a fel wolf! Somehow this little guy stayed hidden for the majority of the PTR, but the contest ran by Petopia got everyone out hunting for it. The prize was a Corrupted Hippogryph mount.

Fel wolves throughout Draenor are classed as aberrations, not beasts, so normally they aren’t available for taming. However, there is a special way to temporarily make a Felbound Wolf tameable. It’s a brand new taming challenge! The Felbound Wolf uses the same model and visual effect as Gara, but it’s green instead of purple. It’s also a part of the Wolf family instead of Spirit Beasts, meaning all hunter specs can enjoy it.

The challenge requires use of your full hunter toolkit, but if you’re having trouble doing it solo you can always ask a friend to help you out. Here’s how it’s done.

Easier said than done. Anaara is an elite with almost 5 million health, and she has many abilities aimed specifically to counter hunters. We need to kill her because she drops the Vial of Fel Cleansing. She only drops one per kill, so if you’re doing this with a friend you’ll need to kill her multiple times to get everyone a vial. Respawn time on her is about 5 minutes.

She can be found on the southern coast of Tanaan Jungle, directly south of Fang’rila.

I did it as Beast Mastery, but any spec should work. Just make sure you take the Spirit Bond talent so you have constant healing (Lone Wolf wouldn’t be ideal). Choose a pet that brings the buff most suited to your spec.

She does both melee attacks and ranged attacks, but her ranged attacks hurt less. Keep her at range using abilities like Concussive Shot, Ice Trap, and Binding Shot.
She will cast Soothe Pet on your pet, and then focus on you. Both Master’s Call and Bestial Wrath break your pet out of this, so it’s advised to hold onto it until your pet is soothed. If you use MM or SV, you have less opportunities to break your pet out, but it’s still beneficial to have for Spirit Bond.
She will frequently cast Fel Blossom underneath you. Do not stand in this, it hurts!
She will frequently go into stealth mode. You need to drop your Flare in order to reveal her. Watch out as she can still attack you from stealth, this is why you want to get her out with a Flare ASAP.
Important: Use Tranquilizing Shot to dispel Blessing of Fallen Kings. It gives her a massive damage buff and reduces her damage taken. She will kill you and your pet fast if this buff is left unattended.
Super Important: Use Counter Shot to interrupt Tainted Light. If you let her get this cast off, she heals to full health. I made this mistake a few times. For me, she didn’t start using this ability until she was around half health. She shouldn’t use it more frequently than Counter Shot’s cooldown, but if she does then Freezing Trap can work as an interrupt as well.
It may take you a few tries, but the key is avoiding damage and dispelling/interrupting.

Relax, you’ve made it to the easy part! Head to the Temple of Sha’naar area in southwestern Tanaan Jungle. There you will find Felbound Wolves.

Get the attention of one of them, and then use your Vial of Fel Cleansing with it targeted. This will stop it from attacking you and make it tameable for exactly 1 minute.

If something goes wrong, you can always go get another vial, but this is a very simple tame as long as no one griefs you (might be best to make sure you’re alone first).

Many thanks to Qraljar and the folks at Petopia for getting this out there. Enjoy your fel wolf!