i just realized… i’m the target demographic!

Aug 26

I read blogs. I read the WoW subreddit on Reddit. I look at my guild roster at all the inactive accounts. I see all the gnashing of teeth and the wringing of hands.

So why am I still logging on 3-5 nights a week?

1) I decided early on in the expansion that I was going to pace myself.

I remember in the first few weeks after the expansion was released that I was completely overwhelmed with all the stuff to do. At the time, I was super busy in real life, so I couldn’t throw myself into the game and inhale all the varied activities. So I decided then to pace myself – tackle one thing, then move onto the next.

So I leveled my two raiding toons and geared them up. When raiding dried up, I moved on to making gold. When that stabilized, I went to pet battles. Now that I’m reaching my pet battling goals, I’m going to start working on filling up my Toybox. Because of this measured bit-by-bit approach, I have not run out of things to do.

2) I can only play for 1-1.5 hours at a time.

I never have a chance to get bored. My Garrison routine on 5 characters takes me about 40 minutes. Then I only have 20-40 minutes left to fill up. Its easy to do that without getting bored. I can go catch some wild pets, run an LFR heroic, do a Garrison Campaign mission, etc… This pretty much makes me the target demographic for the current expansion.

3) I’m now playing for free

With three max-level Garrisons and an enchanter, my passive gold-making is about 8-10k per week with zero effort on my part. That more than pays for a monthly WoW Token. With no actual money at stake, why not keep playing?

4) I don’t miss raiding

Don’t get me wrong, I love raiding. But it is only one of the myriad of available activities, and I’m content to busy myself with other things while I patiently wait for raiding opportunities to happen again.

5) I’ve been through this before

In late Burning Crusade, my guild went through a dead period. People stopped logging in. People left the guild. On many evenings I was the only one online. I was patient, and it eventually turned around. As the saying goes – this, too, shall pass.