RuneScape Team Changes

Jun 28

While announcing team changes for the community isn’t something we do regularly, I assumed I would share some exciting changes for the RuneScape Team.

Mod Osborne have been promoted to Lead Designer of RuneScape. With his unquenchable passion, creative skill and, Mod Osborne will oversee RuneScape’s creative design, assisting the content teams, tackling RuneScape’s bigger design questions, and driving forward our creative ambitions for the main game. Ultimately, he’s taking responsibility for your game’s overall design.
Mod Conor might be not used to lots of you, but he’s been a Jagex stalwart many different years now. He’s going to undertake the role of Senior Producer and oversee all the RuneScape game teams. Mod Conor has done a great job in aiding quite a few our teams get organised, energised and more efficient, including our technology and content groups. Mod Conor now takes responsibility for RuneScape’s entire production pipeline, ensuring we can easily realise our big ambitions for content down the road.
As a few of you already know, Mod Dean recently left Jagex and resulted in a big gap we required to fill. I’m pleased to say that Mod Drew – the drive behind many improvements across technical development – will be taking responsibility just for this. In his new role as Content Development Manager, Drew requires responsibility for content and technical development disciplines, coding standards and skills development inside RuneScape Team.
In Mods Osborne, Conor and Drew we have now an extremely strong leadership team when we look forward to a stellar summer, Invention, RuneFest 2015 and our 15th anniversary celebrations next January. We’ve got a particular Developer Q&An organized with all of three a few weeks where i will be discussing future plans and updates and longer term aspirations with the game.
I, as Head of Studio, and Mod Mark, as overall studio Design Director, it’s still giving guidance and ideas. but as our attention is spread across multiple development teams – including Chronicle, our upcoming RuneScape strategy cards – it will likely be Mods Osborne, Conor and Drew leading the day-to-day growth of RuneScape.