MMORPG wins its first expansion in 2015

Jun 05

Called “Heart of Thorns”, the continuation of the game will bring more adventures: the characters will evolve, new marmorras arise and bosses are on the way.

ArenaNet, developer of “Guild Wars 2” announced during PAX South event last Saturday (24), the MMO will win its first expansion. Following example of “Runescape”, “Heart of Thorns” will introduce a list of new features, among them the Mastery System, which allows the evolution at the level of characters exceeds 80. The in-game professions will also be updated with the introduction of System Specializations and an unprecedented activity.
The new profession called Revenant and allow the expert combine some heavy armor of the game with mysterious and supernatural powers of mists. For offices that already exist, additional specializations will offer, for example, the opportunity to unlock a weapon that was previously not accessible. In addition, the developer promises to reshape the usefulness of the professions in the game.
Regarding the content, you can expect a series of missions in Maguuma jungle region where the player will find people of ancient civilizations that will prove its allies. Obviously, the huge open-world map of the forest also have unknown enemies, unpublished story mode events and group challenges.
Those who love PvP, was not excluded from the hubbub in the heart of Maguuma. Since the major update that happened in April 2014, this style of gameplay was valued. The expansion will be a new game mode called Stronghold, where your group stands a fortress. Will be available to create a Guild Hall to join your team and further the map “WvW: New Borderland” will make the combat strategies essential to win.
There is still no information on when “Guild Of Wars 2: Heart Of Thorns” will be released, but already gave to note that has a lot different to renew the desire to enter the game.