Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls – The Jar of Souls & The Matriarchs Bones Farming Guide

Apr 23

Both The Jar of Souls & The Matriarchs Bones are bounties and events located in the Defiled Crypt in Cemetery of the Forsaken. This guide will show you how you can farm the event on Torment VI with any gear. The difference between the event and the bounty is that the bounty also requires you to kill a number of mobs, something that many people will not be able to do on Torment VI. But completing the event only requires you to be able to outrun the mobs in the Defiled Crypt. When the Bounty is active though, the yellow arrow will point you in the direction of the correct Defiled Crypt. If it isn’t active, you will have to guess which one it is. Either the Matriarch’s Bones or the Jar of Souls will be in one of the crypts at any time. The easiest way to find out if you are in the right crypt fast, is to look at the halls and corners. The correct defiled crypt will always only have one way to go until you reach the event. The other crypts have intersections. The Jar of Souls : Click the Jar of Souls once you get to it and skeletons will spawn. Move around the room in circles to avoid them. Avoid them for a minute and the click the Jar when the timer has gone down to zero. Pick up what loot you can before you die. Soul Reaper’s Legacy The Matriarch’s Bones : Once you get to Lady Dunhyld, talk to her. Now quickly run and click the 3 urns and then the tomb in the back of the room. Wait and then loot the loot that comes out of the...

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the story of wow that you do not know

Apr 22

The Vanity naturally have the tendency to gobble up everything, because it is the power of ‘Nothing’. The creatures of Vanity have endless hunger, no matter what to fill it. What’s more, they devour each other, even between the Vanity Lord, just like Mr Dimon, what made him so powerful,even could devour the host star of Vanity is because he used to devoured a large quntities of Vaniy Lords. Entropius is the avatar of Vanity produced when the Dark Naru absorbs energy. The Vanity Lord is ‘a conscious moving Vanity’. In a sense, Entropius is the ultimate verssion of Vanity Lord. The Dark Naru is like Naru in appearance, what the differences is that the Dark Naru’s body is Dark and send out a kind of darkness and vanity.(you can see it in the Animation plot-Whalen save Carla). As for Entopius, we had met it at the Sunwell. Etropius can produce Vanity Lords. And Etropius is often higher than Vanity in intelligence.( the later one almost has no intelligence), but the consciousness of Naru and Etropius is not the same one. When Naru become Dark Naru, its original state of consciousness will fall into sleep and the consciousness of Etropius is separated from it. The another point is that even if Naru lose all energy into darkness form, he won’t produce Etropius. When Delaney came to Draenor,WOW Gold just had one spacecraft named Genesis which is the holy mountain the Orc talking about. When passed Delanor, Wu lei, Germany and Delano was in Genesis. Delaney heard of Adaer during the journey.(because he is the leader of Naru). But in the time of WoD,they had not met with Ada and the troop of Naru. Regarding to the plot that Carderja called Shatth which already had known by us in the time of Burning Legion. Carderja found the new threat. So Fugue found new allies. He found the troop of Naru in the Start. So he asked Ada for help. Noted that the fort (including Esso Da) had no relationship 30 years ago. It falled in Draenor twenty-five thousand years ago, Delaney took Genesis also called Sue. Until the Outland exposed, Carderjia called Shattrath. For this reason that the Tempest came...

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The Development Direction of wildstar

Apr 11

  Starting in 2005, WOW has been going on ten years. From the original version in we can see the ancient god Titan anywhere, and then to the demons of Burning Legion, and later to the wrath of the lich king, we have experienced a lot. Including the catastrophe, panda puzzle, now we return to Draenor again. Blizzard has numerous racking its brain to accord with the history of WOW, including wow plots, stories, dungeons, professional even races and so on. For we have experienced many BOSSES, now we can make a bold prediction for the future development direction of wildstar gold. First, we’d like to talk about Titan. He is the creator of Azeroth who has a good chance to appear in the future version. According to the previous contents, Titan is generally as the final BOSS, such as the observer of Ulduar, Algalon and the Laydon. In addition, we know that the dark Titan, Sageras has been as the ultimate BOSS of Burning Legion all the time. But he has not been seen in WOW. So it is very likely coming up suddenly. There are four ancient gods in WOW. As so far, we has met two ancient gods, respectively are the beast of thousands eyes, C’Thun and the beast of thousands throats, YoggSaron. In the future version, it is very likely to be the third ancient god, Nezas. According to the relevant materials and documents, the background of this ancient god is likely to be in the deep sea, even has relationship with Azshara or Emerald...

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Wow gold and other things to prepare when going back on playing

Apr 06

  Wow gold and other things to prepare when going back on playing World of Warcraft? Aside from gold and wow items, what else you need to catch up with? Wow gold checklist for returning players There are several things you need to check when going back to certain game, especially if it’s world of Warcraft. Few reasons that you need to check aside from your character’s info and wow gold will be listed below: Patch up your launcher! -You may need to do this since there are several patches that has been implemented for bug fix. 2. Check your Bags – do you remember what are the wow items craft materials you have and collecting before you left? Check them for your cheap wow gold earnings. 3. Check your Quest log – depends on how long you went away; there might have been quest that you missed. 4. Talents – Since there are several talents has been “fixed” you may want to check on them carefully 5. Equipments – you may want to update your equipments first before going out to the surface (especially for PvP realm). You may want to sell some of your old stuff on the playerauction house for a pretty decent wow gold to catch up 6. Check your Mailbox – Since you were gone too long, your friends might have been sending you messages… if you get lucky, wow gold will be there. 7. Check your wow gold budget – Since world of Warcraft’s economy has been changing, you may want to visit the player auction house first to see how did it change. It’s more fun playing world of Warcraft with friends than JUST playing wow for wow...

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